Vision & Values 360 Global Group
Vision & Values

The 360 Global Group Mission is the way we do business. It articulates our purpose, vision and values, which together help us achieve our aim to be recognised as the Asia Pacific region’s most successful service provider.
We believe our primary purpose is to connect people and products. Our vision guides us in our efforts to achieve this. And our values articulate what we stand for and how we will act. Together they keep us focused on what is important: our people, our customers, our shareholders and our wider community.

We call this The 360 Global Group Mission.

The 360 Global Group Mission

The 360 Global Group Mission describes the way we do things at 360 Global Group. It talks about what’s important to us and how we go about achieving our goals.
It also provides the framework for our mission: to harness our significant resources, know-how and passion to deliver the optimal solutions for our customers.
Our Vision

Our vision is to be:
  • able to provide an unrivalled customer service experience for our clients
  • an integral component of our customer’s success
  • a group of businesses that are individually excellent and collectively unbeatable
  • creating sustainable value for our shareholders
  • recognised as the Asia Pacific region’s most successful service provider
Our Values

We value:
  • integrity and trust
  • safety
  • continuous improvement
  • teamwork
  • being open and transparent
  • great customer experience
Our Core Beliefs

We believe that:
  • all injuries are preventable and everyone has a right to go home safely
  • people perform best when they are empowered, accountable and recognised
  • if we show other people respect, we will be respected
  • we will not always get things right and learning from our mistakes is part of our progress
  • how we go about achieving success is as important as success itself
  • we must act ethically and within the law
  • our customer’s success creates our success.